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About Our Products

At Bonetine, we do not cut corners. We invest huge amounts of time on each and every product. Sustainability is important to us, therefore we only make products we truly believe in, as well as produce in small production runs to reduce excess and waste.

We pay great attention to detail and go the extra mile to make sure the product is the best it can possibly be. 100% of our products are made with silk, so the quality and weight of our silk is at the core of Bonetine. We also use mother-of-pearl buttons and French seams.

The Goya and Bardot pyjama took almost two years to develop; because, the product isn’t finished until every last detail has been perfected.

There are many amazing benefits of using silk. It has a great resistance to mold, fungus and dust particles. It is loved for its lustrous shine and ability to regulate temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also has the capacity to absorb and evaporate moisture, making it dry and comfortable to sleep in.

With these benefits, silk doesn’t need to be washed very often. Steaming your products doesn’t only make it look smooth and fresh, it is also a great way to kill most germs and bacteria, which helps eliminate odors. If a spot appears – spot treatment is a great tool.

It is important to always consider repairing you product before replacing it for something else. If you truly care for your product it will last for a very long time.

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Cherish & Recycle

We encourage our costumers to invest in long-lasting garments that focus on high quality. Therefor we have created a recycle program that encourages our customers to make sure that a minimal amount of clothes is being thrown out to be landfill.

Bonetine´s customers are encouraged to return their worn out Bonetine product and receive a 50 percent discount on a new garment. We will then donate the worn out pieces to charity. NOTE: This does not include Hair scrunchies.

Bonetine´s ambition is to contribute to the sustainable development of society. 5 percent of all profits are donated to the charity organization Wildhood Foundation.

Et voilá, silk is truly amazing!

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Bonetine´s Environmental Impact

Silk is a pure and natural material and 100% biodegradable. In our production, we use 100% mulberry silk-satin (also called satin), which is a fabric with one high-gloss side and one matte finish side. This quality is the most friction-free and is therefore perfect for protecting both skin and hair.

Silk production itself has a fairly low carbon footprint, as relatively small amounts of water is used compared to other textile productions, making it a more environmental friendly alternative than both cotton and linen.

Silk is produced by a silkworm that eats leaves from the mulberry tree and then spins itself into a puppet. To harvest the silk thread, the worm is boiled. However, if the silkworm has reached the next stage and become a butterfly, they are used to breed new silkworms. If you, instead of boiling the worms, carefully cut the pupate you will get shorter threads, which has its disadvantages for the durability of the fabric.

Our manufacturer are located in Hangzhou, China, which traditionally is the world center for silk production. The dyeing techniques used by the factory is Jigger Dyeing and Beam Dying and they use acid dyes that are mild and EU-approved. These dyes are environmentally friendly and free from ”AZO- substances”.

The environmental impact, as well as the working environment during the manufacturing process, is something we truly care for. The factory is relatively small, there are about 40-45 employees who work eight hours per day. If they wish, they may work overtime and will then be compensated accordingly.

The reason we choose to produce in China is because silk production originates from Asia. They are simply amazing at producing silk and to produce the typ of garments we manufacture. Then of course, its a long way to China which has its environmental disadvantages. As our production runs are quite small in scale, we have decided to ship the production to Sweden by airmail, which we compensate for by planting trees in the Panamanian rainforest.

We are committed to having an open and honest dialogue about our successes, as well as our challenges. It will not always be perfect, but we are committed to trying our best.

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