Silk is much loved for its lustrous shine and ability to regulate temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. To keep it at its best, it should be dry cleaned or washed by hand, using natural detergents and at a low temperature; we suggest no higher than 30°. Leaving silk in water can result in a loss of shine. Avoid rubbing and immerse in water for a short time only. When drying, do not wring or use a tumble dryer. Instead, lay it flat on a towel and allow to dry naturally. Iron on a low temperature or use a steamer. To steam your products is great in so many ways it kills most germs and bacteria, which helps eliminate odors.


  • We recommend hand washing at 30 degrees with specialist silk detergent or dry cleaning
  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry
  • Iron on a low temperature or steam to restore lustre


We are proud to produce the collection in Hangzhou, which is traditionally the world center for silk production and the start of the silk road. We undertake a massive quality control inspection, checking each pair against multiple measurements to get the perfect fit.

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